Minions Deluxe Pogo Stick with Sound: $34.99 (Save 50%)

2016-01-23 06:43:11 in Toys by Pranav Kumar with 0 comments  |  Flag

Bring home this Minions Deluxe Pogo Stick with Sound and see your kid getting addicted to it. He loves to to bounce and bop around with the Minions Deluxe Pogo, adding to the fun is the sounds it makes as the pogo bounces.

Product Highlights

  • Ergonomic hand grips help your child hold on
  • Motion-activated sounds and farting sound button add to the bouncing fun
  • High-density, super bounce ball send the pogo hopping into the air
  • Embossed foot plate provides extra grip for safety
  • Fun Minions theme to bounce in style
  • Reinforced front post
  • Two AA batteries required (not included)