14- or 28-Day Weight-Loss Cleanse: $26.99 (33% off)  groupon.com

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I like the idea of detox.

  • 14-day: 14 lemon Daytox teabags and 7 orange Sleeptox teabags (use every other night)
  • 28-day: 28 lemon Daytox teabags and 14 orange Sleeptox teabags (use every other night)


  • Reduce bloating: Helps reduce bloat to achieve a flat tummy. Aids digestion and the elimination of toxins to help relieve excessive bloating.
  • Delicious tasting tea: Made from a delicious blend of traditional organic herbs and only the best 100% natural ingredients. No artificial ingredients or laxative effect.
  • Enhance weight loss: Specifically formulated to enhance any weight loss program with traditional organic herbs that aid in digestion and help eliminate toxins released from fat cells during weight loss. May help burn fat faster and increases metabolism, resulting in natural and safe weight loss.
  • Detox and cleanse the body: Helps you look and feel more healthy by helping to eliminate stored toxins, which may lead to increased energy and metabolism.